Maxine at her solo show at Arthaus Gallery.

Maxine at her solo show at Arthaus Gallery.

Current and Upcoming Shows


ArtHaus Gallery, solo show dates to be announced.


ArtHaus Gallery, 411 Brannan St. San Francisco, CA – New Group Show every 3 months.

Art for Aids Gala, Metreon Center, 135 4th Street, San Franciscoo, CA – Sept. 12.

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, 560 S. First St., San Jose, CA – October.

 Working in the studio.

Working in the studio.


San Francisco Chronicle Review – Former esteemed art critic Kenneth Baker, Art Critic
Maxine Solomon: The Space of In Between: “‘Turneresque’ may not be too grand a word to describe the recent work of Bay Area painter Maxine Solomon. She packs her canvases with so much aesthetic information that they generate on their own the sort of pictorial storms and atmospheres that the British master of the sublime loved to conjure. She, however, has cast off the last vestiges of figure and subject and gone for sheer immersion.”
San Francisco Art Picks – Kenneth Baker

Preston Metcalf, Chief Curator for the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA, states, “Her work is pure visual poetry and as such makes the viewing experience a true reward.”

George Rivera, Former Executive Director of the Triton Museum, refers to Solomon’s paintings as “a strong, consistent body of work that digs deep beneath the surface and touches levels of thought many do not achieve. Her work celebrates the depths beneath and beyond the surface.”

San Francisco Art Picks – Kenneth Baker Maxine Solomon: The Space of In Between:  “Don’t Miss”

Santa Clara Weekly – Melissa McKenzie
“Solomon dares viewers to explore their own realities. Her paintings celebrate the depth beneath and beyond the surface.”

 Studio work table.

Studio work table.

Work Can Be Seen At

ArtHaus - 411 Brannan St.,
San Francisco (415) 977-0223

SFMOMA Artists Gallery - Building A, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

Artist's Studio, WorkSpace Limited - 2150 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA (by appointment)

Mission Artistis United 

Artspan Org



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